Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bagel with Basil and Cream Cheese

I am my mother's daughter. I admit it. I hate to waste food. I find it irritating to buy special ingrediants for a recipe only to let the rest of that ingredient go to waste because I'm not sure where else to use it. I bought basil a few weeks ago for the Mediterranean Pasta Salad. Here's how I used it so it wouldn't go to waste.


Seeded Bagel
Cream Cheese
4 or 5 fresh Basil leaves, chiffonade*
Salt and Pepper, to taste

*roll the basil leaves together tightly and slice thinly

I usually freeze my bagels so they don't go bad. While my children love to have bites, they rarely want a bagel of their own. I outsmart them by toasting both bagel halves. I know that between them, they'll eat at least half of a bagel...but, I digress. Toast the seeded bagel. Add cream cheese and basil. Cut tomato in half and slice each half. Top your bagel with tomato. Salt and pepper to taste.

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